Our services

Infrastructure Optimization

Designing the right network topology is critical for both scalability and cost consolidation. JAC will team with the client’s technical and financial business staff to optimize application delivery for today and tomorrow’s infrastructure requirements. JAC provides carrier business insights, DR planning and low latency strategies that meet unique client needs.

Data: layer 1, 2 and 3

JAC has both the tenure in the industry to select the most equipped carriers for the project as well as a large team of data qualifiers to execute the proposal requests. Geographical presences, regional LECs, type 2 and On-net options are all considered when designing and procuring the optimal routes for service.

Voice: SIP, VOIP and global dial planning

As a neutral technologist, we believe that each firm’s ROI on voice services is justified through their voice quality requirements, application integration functionality and international presence. This along with other business requirements, drive the appropriate service and supplier. JAC will create an executive decision tree that maps the best solution for our client’s environment.

Cloud: Public, Private, Colo and Hybrid

JAC firmly believes that each application dictates the appropriate landing platform. Our unique approach designs around dependencies, RPO, RTO, security and financial survivability. Approaching premise and cloud-based solutions with equality differentiates our practice allowing an unrestricted and customer centric solution.

Emerging technologies: SD Wan express routes and IOT

The ever-evolving technology space continue to amalgamate services to produce more efficient solutions. Our valued position in the industry paired with educational endeavors produce forward facing solutions for our clients. We approach adoption with our clients through a heavy educational process, POCs and executive level support.