Holding Firms

Economies of scale and standardization of technology platforms can be challenging when held companies have individual PNLs and proprietary applications. JAC specializes in global contracts that offer technology standardization without impeding the rights of each entity. By leveraging the carrier’s business directives, JAC successfully crafts contracts that yield economies of scale while providing each firm the independence outlined in their corporate structure.


Compliance and reliability are paramount when designing a resilient topology for this clientele vertical. John Alexander Consulting understands that best practice is not only for business-critical applications, but more strategically offers key insights to increase employee productivity, improve application integration and reduce operational costs. Consuming over 50% of the portfolio and millions in spend under management, JAC offers unique insights that allow clients to leverage unparalleled industry IT expertise.


This industry’s requirements range vastly, but all are consistent in that telecommunications is paramount to delivering services to their clients. Historically, this industry was pushed into a high cost siloed procurement process, segmented internally driving costs and support needs up. Today’s technology requires thoughtful designs that services hybrid cloud, SDN and security compliance. JAC accesses both the technical and business factors of these services to deliver solutions that keep clients at the forefront of technology without financial sprawls.


Operational efficiency greatly affects multi-site organization’s profitability. As consumers continue to evolve technologically, this vertical has been forced to increase access to cloud application, improve security, reduce cost and implement cutting edge IOT functionality to maximize profit. JAC assist technical teams to metabolize the above needs while allowing the team to fulfil their day to day growing responsibilities.